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Rules game Roulette

Players deposits after logging points earned by deposit skins or use the free code. After finishing time round randomized selected color (red, green or black). People who have set points for winning color get into your account respectively red, black - double put points, green - fourteen times put points.

Chat rulles

Chat is a showcase of the page CSGOBETROULETTE.com , therefore, apply to him all the rules of culture and spelling. Ban on live chat can be for: - Deliberate misrepresentation of other players (malicious give false information). - Insults, humiliation, vilification, etc. other players. - Bypassing censorship and block links (vulgarity spaces, dots, stars and everything that is used to bypass the lock). - Phonetic profanity ("who you yeah bunny", "qrwa"). - Advertising other portals, forums and games. - Writing in capital letters and punctuation abuse (in particular "?;!;."&^$(#@%)". - Spam, flooding, trolling. - Begging for items other users. - Begging for points other users. - Advertise your promotion code

Law and jurisdiction

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Marketing informations

CSGOBETROULETTE is not responsible for the loss of your Skins as a result of a third-parties including Steam." Anyone tell me when this was added